Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The mistaken tragedy of Judas

In another post by Catholic Web Philisopher he claims after some arguments of authority that Judas betrayed Jesus in an attempt to force his hand; however, he does not mention the fourth possibility that Judas was asked by Jesus to turn him on for 30 agrurion, which is again brought up in the book of Matthew that this fulfilled scripture from the prophet Jeremiah.  The funny facts are that it was not Jeremiah but exodus and zachariah that make references to 30 pieces of silver. 

If Matthew could make such a material error; perhaps other facts that seem to imply enemies could be good places where there may be a material error.  Why was Judas the holder of the purse if he was not the most trusted, and why did he kiss the messiah on the cheek before turning him in to the authorities if he did not have great care for him?  Things are not what they seem. 

Perhaps Judas committed suicide in the same way that material witnesses to crimes of power commit suicide these days.  I was born on November 22, 1968.  My name is Jude Francis, and I just want to set the possibly mistaken story back towards the unknown and mysterious.     


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